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New Hampshire Bridge Loans

Rates Starting at 8%

The fastest Bridge Lender in the state of New Hampshire.

We lend directly using our own capital.

  • Instant pre-approval on the phone
  • Funding typically within one week; two weeks for larger loans
  • Loan amounts up to $10 million

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(Investment Properties Only)

Property Types

Lending Parameters

Loan Size$100,000 to $5,000,000
LTCUp to 80% of purchase price
Rehab Funding 100%
LTVUp to 70% of the ARV
TermStandard is 12 months. 24-36 months is available
LienFirst lien; second lien as additional collateral only
Interest Rate 10%–12.5%
Points1.5–2% of the loan amount

Counties Covered

We provide Bridge loans in the following counties in New Hampshire:

  • Belknap
  • Carroll
  • Cheshire
  • Coos
  • Grafton
  • Hillsborough County
  • Merrimack County
  • Rockingham County
  • Strafford County
  • Sullivan County

Recently Funded Bridge Loans

Why Use a Bridge Loan

  1. Much faster funding times. We operate on a completely different schedule than banks because we only underwrite the value of the property. This means funding times within 7 days for most deals. We can fund in 2-3 days if you have an existing appraisal.

  2. Force appreciation. Investors looking to create value will look to buy properties that have below-market rents or need substantial rehab. While banks will not fund the full potential of these properties (if they can fund at all), we will. Our bridge loans allow you to get temporary funding to stabilize the properties before refinancing with a bank or flipping.

  3. Rebuilding Credit. While we might check your credit history, most of our lending criteria are around the property itself. We offer bridge loans even if you have bad credit.

  4. Funding for your business.  As a real estate investor, it’s best to avoid liability by holding assets in an LLC and not in your personal name. Our bridge loans are always made to your business.

Why Choose a New Hampshire Bridge Lender

Get the trusted experience of a New Hampshire bridge lender, combining an old-world personal touch with lightning-fast technology, decision-making, and loan processing. We are a one-stop solution for all your real estate funding needs, including fix and flips, mixed-use, commercial, or industrial properties.

Financing Your New Hampshire Real Estate Investment

Whether you are seeking a bridge loan in northern New Hampshire, central New Hampshire, southern New Hampshire, or the Seacoast region, we serve all areas of the state. As a local lender, we have an in-depth understanding of local town ordinances and zoning laws, enabling us to assist you in navigating them seamlessly. Additionally, partnering with us for your lending needs grants you access to our extensive network of contractors, appraisers, legal advisors, and brokers, providing you with valuable resources for your financial endeavors.

Bridge Lender for Asset-Based Real Estate Loans

Our bridge lending program can fund smaller single-family homes, retail stores, or larger office buildings and warehouses. Loan terms range from 12 to 36 months. If you need a short-duration loan of only a couple of months, we can help. No situation is too complex. When others pass, we fund.

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A New Hampshire direct lender you can rely on


Bridge loan lenders in New Hampshire are asset-based, alternative lenders who place a significant emphasis on evaluating the property’s value rather than solely focusing on the borrower’s qualifications. This approach differs from traditional bank loans, where both the borrower’s financial profile and the property are considered.

Bridge lenders offer shorter underwriting processes, making it possible to fund loans within 1 to 2 weeks in New Hampshire, compared to the 3 to 4 months typically required by banks.

Bridge lenders in New Hampshire are also often willing to finance properties that traditional banks might decline. This includes properties in need of substantial rehabilitation, those missing key residential features, or those with structural issues, code violations, or lacking a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). Additionally, New Hampshire bridge lenders can assist real estate investors in refinancing existing debt while providing opportunities to cash out on their properties.

Lastly, bridge loan lenders in New Hampshire do not require a high credit score, making them a suitable choice for individuals with less-than-ideal credit.

It’s important to note that these lenders exclusively provide loans for investment real estate and not for residential purposes. Borrowers are required to confirm that they will not reside in the property. Renting out the property is allowed.

New Hampshire bridge loan lenders are well-versed in the state’s local town ordinances and zoning laws. Their local expertise enables borrowers to navigate these regulations smoothly. Additionally, partnering with New Hampshire bridge loan lenders grants borrowers access to a comprehensive network of contractors, appraisers, legal counsel, and brokers. This network provides valuable resources to support various aspects of your real estate investment endeavors.

Bridge loans in New Hampshire are typically used for:

  • Fix-and-Flip Properties: These loans are ideal for real estate investors looking to purchase and renovate properties that traditional banks might not finance due to borrower credit issues or property conditions that don’t meet bank underwriting standards.
  • Rent Stabilization: Investors might use bridge loans to acquire properties with below-market rents, intending to stabilize the property by increasing rents. Once stabilized, they can refinance with a traditional bank at a lower interest rate.
  • Time-Sensitive Purchases: Bridge loans are suitable for investments that need to be completed within a timeframe that traditional banks cannot accommodate. Bridge loans can be secured in as little as 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Fast Cash Access: Real estate investors can use bridge loans to quickly access cash for other investments or projects by refinancing an existing property.
  • LLC Purchases: Bridge loans can be used to purchase properties under an LLC, as traditional banks rarely finance LLCs for real estate transactions.

Bridge loan lenders in NH typically look for:

  • Borrowers structured as LLCs, not individuals.
  • Properties purchased at or below market value.
  • Clear and marketable title with collateral lien in first position
  • Properties that make financial sense for both the borrower and lender
  • Compliance with a detailed rehab schedule for property renovations

Bridge loans offer fast access to funds at interest rates between 10% and 12%. Borrowers can expect 1 to 3 points charged at closing. Typical duration is 12 to 24 months (often 12). The loan covers 65% to 80% of the purchase price, with 100% for rehab. Rehab funds are disbursed in stages, e.g., $10,000 after each completed portion of work.

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