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  • Location: Plainfield, NJ
  • Loan amount: $261,000
  • Rehab funds: $72,000

This 2,300 square feet property was purchased as a short sale.   There was substantial rehab required which West Forest Capital funded nearly in full, including remodeling the bathrooms, kitchen, and porch.  The siding of the house and windows also needed to be replaced.  Finally, a new room was added to the house.  Once the work is completed, our client expects to exit the investment through a sale.

  • Location: Yonkers, NY
  • Loan amount: $301,000
  • Rehab funds: Not Required

This property, nearly 1,800 square feet in size, and located on a tree lined block was purchased in foreclosure.   There was moderate rehab required, which the borrower is funding himself.  After the rehab is completed, the borrower will either flip the property or refinance with a traditional lender.

  • Location: Elizabeth, NJ
  • Loan amount: $270,000
  • Rehab funds: $15,000

This two family in excess of 2,400 square feet was purchased as a short sale.   Although the property was generally in average condition, painting of the exterior, interior, new appliances and a new kitchen helped put it in marketable condition.  The exit strategy for this investment is a sale.

  • Location: Rahway, NJ
  • Loan amount: $146,250
  • Rehab funds: $40,000

This two family was purchased at auction and features 1,800 square feet between the units.   The property was in below average condition and required new flooring, HVAC system, bathroom and kitchen updates.  Once all the repairs and updates were made, the landscaping was also improved.  This property was ultimately sold a year later for a profit in excess of $50,000.

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