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Massachusetts DSCR Loans

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If you you’re looking for a DSCR rental loan in Massachusetts, we have you covered.

Massachusetts is a leading Massachusetts DSCR rental loan provider, financing real estate investments up to $3 million.

What is a DSCR Rental Loan?

  • A DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) rental loan is long term real estate financing – often up to 30 years
  • Personal income and personal credit are not significant factors in the underwriting
  • The loan is based off the property value, and the income it generates
  • Fast closing, can be done within 2-3 weeks

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(Investment Properties Only)

Property Types

Lending Parameters

Loan Size$100,000 - $3,000,000
Loan to ValueUp to 80%
Primary ResidenceNot accepted
Rental statusRented preferred but not required (can use market rents)
TermUp to 30 years
FormatFixed or Variable available
RateVaries by product, correlation with Treasury Rates
PointsTypically 2%

Counties Covered

We provide DSCR rental loans in the following counties in Massachusetts:

  • Barnstable
  • Berkshire
  • Bristol
  • Dukes
  • Essex
  • Franklin
  • Hampden
  • Hampshire
  • Middlesex
  • Nantucket
  • Norfolk
  • Plymouth
  • Suffolk
  • Worcester

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Why Use a Massachusetts DSCR Rental Loan

  1. If you own your own business. Business owners have many expenses and unpredictable income.  Your business might have significant income, but you personally might not.  Since a DSCR loan does not require personal income, it’s ideal for business owners.
  2. If you have imperfect credit. To qualify for a DSCR rental loan, the underlying customer metrics, such as FICO score, are less important than the actual asset – your rental property.  Typically, if your FICO is in the mid-600s or above, we can work with you.
  3. Fast approval process. DSCR rental loans have a much faster approval process (2-3 weeks) than traditional loans, allowing investors to secure financing quickly and take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.
  4. Flexible Repayment Terms. DSCR rental loans come with flexible repayment terms. This can be especially beneficial for investors who have multiple rental properties and need to manage their cash flow effectively.  Examples of options are 30 year fixed rate or a 5/1 ARM (which simply means the rate is fixed for 5 years and then resets every year going forward; there are also 7/1 ARMs, and so on).
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Rental Loan

Why Choose a Massachusetts DSCR Rental Loan

One of the best states in the county for stable real estate investment, with predictable appreciation and rental income growth is Massachusetts. The large corporate base and associated industries have spurred substantial residential housing demand, benefiting real estate investors. To take advantage of the market, finding the right financing is key. However, the search for an investment real estate loan can be difficult, especially when seeking a loan based on property value and rental income, as opposed to personal credit or income.

DSCR rental loans in Massachusetts allow you to get a fast real estate investment loan without all the document heavy underwriting that banks require. Besides being way faster to obtain, DSCR rental loans also allow investors to lock-in long term financing up to 30 years at attractive rates.  Banks do not often offer their best rates for this type of commercial loan; rather, you must stick to a 3-5 year duration, which presents a lot of refinancing risk and additional costs.

Massachusetts offers attractive real estate opportunities in various parts of the state.  Boston has an incredible corporate culture and lots of activities for those seeking a busy lifestyle.  Worchester is another major city in the state and has really hit its stride as of late. Other areas such as Waltham, Medway, Medford, Billerica, and Chelesa offer elegant suburban living with convenient access to nearby larger cities.  Renters, often families looking for single-family homes or condos, gravitate towards these cities, which has spiked demand for rental properties.  As a result, we are seeing a substantial increase in property values, allowing for a larger DSCR rental loan.

Massachusetts’s economy has been doing well and outperforming most other states. Combine that within a state that provides other benefits, such as a strong education system, neighborhood safety, and a good healthcare system, and it’s hard to keep people away. With limited housing inventory, we will continue to see strong demand for rentals, which fits perfectly for those seeking a DCSR loan in the Boston area or Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Investment Property

Getting a DSCR Rental Loan in Massachusetts

It’s much easier to obtain a DSCR loan in Massachusetts than getting a bank loan. Bank financing is restrictive and really doesn’t property capture the risk of a real estate investment. This is especially true if your personal credit is not good or if you are self-employed or otherwise don’t have a traditional income source.  A DSCR real estate lender will usually not consider factors which are irrelevant to the property.

Massachusetts real estate investors who are seeking a true asset-based loan that is determined by the cashflow of the property have come to the right place. One other feature to highlight – speed. Real estate investors may be used to a multiple months process when dealing with banks, but not so with DSCR loans. Two or three weeks is all it takes.

Customized Solutions

Asset Based Lender Providing DSCR Rental Loans in Massachusetts

As an asset-based lender specializing in rental loans in Massachusetts, we provide loans based on property income being greater than the property debt service. Also, we get that real estate investors are entrepreneurial and their paper income does not reflect the ability to pay. And the best part is you can get funded in two or three weeks. No more waiting months for a bank to underwrite the loan just to give you a last minute no. How frustrating is that!

Let’s get you set up with our DSCR rental loan, which will be specifically tailored for your real estate investment property in Massachusetts.

Frequently Asked Questions

DSCR (Debt-Service Coverage Ratio) rental loans are designed for real estate investors who earn rental income. Unlike traditional mortgages, which heavily consider personal income and credit history, DSCR loans prioritize the property’s income potential. This enables investors to qualify based on the property’s cash flow instead of their own earnings.

Meeting these criteria is typically necessary to qualify for a DSCR loan:

  • The property is a condo, single-family residence, a duplex, triplex, quadplex, or multi-family
  • Investment property, cannot be primary residence
  • The property does not require rehab
  • The property is an LLC rather than a personal name (can be transferred to an LLC upon closing)
  • Insurance and taxes are up to date

DSCR loans prioritize the value of the asset rather than the borrower’s credit or income, so even individuals with lower FICO scores can still get approved.

Furthermore, a property must have the capability to generate income to qualify; hence, vacant land or primary residences are not included.

Typically, lenders require a minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), which usually falls between 1.20 to 1.25, although it can differ. This ratio is calculated by dividing the property’s annual Net Operating Income (NOI) by its annual debt service (including principal and interest payments). The DSCR helps lenders gauge whether the property can generate enough income to handle its expenses and repayments.
Borrowers with unique income sources, such as self-employment or rental earnings, find benefits in DSCR rental loans, especially when traditional mortgage standards aren’t met. These loans focus on the property’s income potential rather than solely relying on the borrower’s W2 income, opening opportunities for diverse investors.
With DSCR rental loans in Massachusetts, borrowers enjoy various advantages, including the ability to secure higher loan amounts based on property income, flexible eligibility criteria, and potential tax benefits. Moreover, investors can use the property’s cash flow for financing without affecting personal debt-to-income ratios.
It’s common for individuals to confuse DSCR ratios with personal debt-to-income ratios and wrongly believe that only properties with high rental income qualify. To steer clear of these misconceptions, borrowers should understand how DSCR ratios are determined and consider consulting specialized lenders like West Forest Capital for real estate investment loans.
Drawbacks may include higher interest rates than those found with traditional mortgages and stricter property eligibility requirements. Borrowers can reduce these risks by performing thorough property due diligence, ensuring they have ample cash reserves, and preparing for possible fluctuations in rental income.
Lenders determine a borrower’s repayment capability by examining elements like the property’s Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), credit history, property location, rental market conditions, and overall financial stability. They look for reliable rental income, adequate cash reserves, and a robust repayment capacity.
To enhance approval possibilities, borrowers should prepare thorough financial documentation, showcase proficiency in property management, and collaborate with lenders specializing in DSCR loans, such as West Forest Capital. Furthermore, conducting comprehensive property evaluations and developing a sound business strategy can further bolster the application.
Borrowers can utilize DSCR rental loans in Massachusetts to purchase new rental properties or refinance existing ones, using rental income to drive growth. Factors to consider include property location, market trends, rental demand, property management tactics, and potential renovation expenses. Evaluating these factors ensures a profitable investment and sustainable expansion of the rental business.

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